Alfa Romeo

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Alfa Romeo, a brand established in Milan, Italy in 1910 has evolved over these many years into the award-winning brand that it is today. Alfa Romeo drives to win from within and has for many years been a car brand that prides itself on attention to detail, precision engineering, and passion. They have managed to find the balance between these 3 core elements of car design. They have become known for dynamic and reliable vehicles. And most importantly is one of the safest cars on the road.

That is why at Home of Engines and Gearboxes we have gone to extreme lengths to source the best used Alfa Romeo engines and gearboxes to import into South Africa and help you find the most suitable and affordable solution for your car.

Home of Engines and Gearboxes takes pride in offering you the best, low mileage used engines and gearboxes for sale in South Africa. We have a wide variety of used engines for sale. We supply and have access to an extensive variety of top-quality used engines and gearboxes.

With a wealth of knowledge, our friendly staff will handle your inquiry with their expertise. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and products to our clients.

You can rest assured when you buy a product from us. All our engines and gearboxes are imported from England with low mileage, which can give you peace of mind, knowing you are replacing your car parts with high-quality used products with less wear and tear.

Another great benefit of buying through us is that we will give you a 3-month warranty on all items purchased. All our products are strictly quality checked.


Alpha Romeo

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