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Second hand Mazda engines for sale

Second hand engines have always been around but they are more common these days. Mostly because brand new cars are expensive and brand new engines are no different. They get even more expensive depending on the year they were made. However, our second hand Mazda engines are just as good but they are cheaper than buying a brand new car. All you need to do is change the engine and your car will be as good as new. Our second hand Mazda engines for sale are of good quality and they are only fairly used. We import them from companies in the UK that have a reputation for excellence. The goal is to ensure you have access to high-quality Mazda engines and at very good prices. 

The best part about buying a secondhand engine from Home of Engines is that we offer a credible 3-month warranty from the day of the purchase. This means that you can bring in your engine within that period if you are uncomfortable with the way it functions. The experts on our team will check and repair it or offer you another one as the case may be within the 3 month period. However, terms and conditions apply regarding the warranty and what it covers. 

You can be certain that the secondhand engine you are purchasing is in good shape. Our team of experts who have nearly half a century’s worth of experience in the car industry have tested the engines multiple times to find faults and have fixed all the flaws they found. This should be enough proof that you are in good hands. 

Throughout our years in the business, we have had customers from all over South Africa whose testimonies are proof that we are doing a great job. We will give you all the necessary documents that come with the engine to show that it is now yours. In addition, we provide the final invoice to make the process easier for you. Our goal is to ensure that your specific needs are met with no hassle and within the shortest possible time. 

Customers can stop by and pick you their engine at our headquarter 

We are well aware that you may be unable to pick up your newly purchased Mazda engine(s) for one reason or the other and that is why we have an efficient delivery service to get your products to you. Your package will reach you wherever you are within the country and you only have to pay a fee of R1,250 for delivery. Furthermore, we clean Mazda engines thoroughly to free them from dust, oil, or any other unwanted substance. 

We do not only sell quality engines at cheap rates but well-cleaned and presentable engines. 

Contact us today for a quote or for questions through the numbers (068) 539 3212 or (068) 317 8167. 

Email us at info@homeofengines.co.za to let us know what you want and how we can be of assistance. Our team is ever ready to be of assistance.

Second hand Mazda engines for sale

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